Welcome 2011 : New Year, New Planners! :)

I'd like to start my year with GOOD news! :)

As one of my new year's resolutions, I will continue to stay positive and keep a happier disposition in life. Thus, here I am ready to announce the winners of my 2011 Starbucks Planner Contest to spread the happy vibe!

I was amazed to receive a total of 99 unique entries both here and in my Official Facebook Page! With the overwhelming response, Paul joined in the fun and will be awarding a limited edition Starbucks Messenger Bag for that lucky entry that he has chosen!

Basically, we looked for the entry that best answered the question:

Where is your Starbucks 3rd place and share a memorable moment that has made you stay loyal to that store?

I have then divided the planners into three categories:

- Friends/Family - Wood
- Love - Velvet
- Self - Metal

My top three winners will come from each of these categories :)

So here they are..

1) for Family/Friends - the Wood planner goes to... Pam Garcia!

My 3rd place is in Starbucks Petron Katipunan where I usually have my pick-me-upper after dropping off my 4 year old son to school. After fetching him, we don’t head home yet – we drop by his favorite “coffee shop” where he lines up and orders apple fritters and chocolate cream frappucino. As we settle in the comfy seats, we talk about how his day was, and everytime I look at him devouring his snack with chubby fingers, sipping his drink noisily and gleefully, I breathed a prayer of thanks for Life, for Love, for Starbucks.

2) for Love - the Velvet planner goes to ... Yuyu!
We had our first date in Starbucks Northeast Greenhills, our 3rd place! I didn't like him at first but he was very persistent and incredibly patient with me. It's difficult because he works Monday to Friday at least 3 hours from Manila but there has never been a weekend that we have not gone out. Whenever we want to have dessert, we often go to our 3rd place.. It has now been a year since that first date and we are now a couple. Nowadays, whenever we want to get our coffee fix, we say "lets go have dessert at OUR Starbucks".

3) for spending Me time in Starbucks - the Metal planner goes to ... Vivian Aguilar!
I want to win a Starbucks Planner! - My 3rd place is in Starbucks Bonifacio High Street - Fully Booked branch. It is where I would usually spend a much-needed quiet time and just enjoy the company of myself. Whenever my hubby would have a scheduled night out with his friends after work, this is where I would request him to drop me off. While he would be having some time with his friends, I, on the other hand, would be sipping my favorite Mocha frap partnered with any sweet treat from their display counter or whatever I fancy that moment. My perfect spot would be in that corner beside the glass panel overlooking Serendra. I oftentimes would browse over some magazines or just write whatever thoughts that come to mind on my mini doodle book, more of like a mini diary (i'm an old soul that way).

...Lastly, Paul would like to award his special Starbucks Messenger Bag to Vince Baldonado!

Congratulations to all the winners and THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who joined! Special shout out to those who took time and sent in more than one entry! *hugs*

To Vivian, Vince, Yuyu and Pam: Kindly expect an email from me very soon!


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