Twist and Shout at Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets may have been around since they first opened at the Eastwood Mall two years ago but it was my first time there after checking out Robinsons Galleria's newest wing called the Veranda, two weeks ago.

johnny rockets 004

Why I love the Veranda. It has it's own parking space! Note though that for those who are planning to shop after dining at any of the outlets here, the rate may be a bit higher as compared to parking in their basement parking lot. However, it gives you direct access to the numerous restaurants available and this is perfect especially when you're very hungry just like how I was when my sister and I visited that day. 

johnny rockets 007

As we were deciding on where to eat, we noticed that there was loud music coming from one particular restaurants and the servers where all outside dancing. Yes, they were dancing and clapping and cheering. What a happy sight! We scanned the menu and later on decided to give Johnny Rockets a try.

We were told that their serving is quite big and since we still wanted to save space for dinner, my sister and I agreed to just share on a burger thus our choice went to Route 66 (Php. 465). After all, how can I say no to swiss cheese and mushrooms on my burger? The price may be a bit steep for a burger thus we are really expecting to get a huge, fully loaded burger with lots of fries! Knowing that we will be sharing our burger, the server offered this split this already for us. You can also choose how you want you meat grilled. We went for medium well to still get a pinkish tender meat but is perfectly grilled on the outside.

johnny rockets 012

To be honest, the burger wasn't as big as expected but the meat was packed and it was surely loaded with lots of grilled onions, mushrooms and a slice of cheese. Johnny Rockets also has an ongoing promo of Eat-all-you-can fries which is the reason why we each had a generous serving of fries. In fact, we were initially planning to avail of this eat-all-you-can promo but after finishing the burger and fries, we both agreed that we had just enough.

johnny rockets 014

Don't forget to ask for ketchup with your fries and your server will happily give you a smiley on your ketchup bowl. This made us smile as we happily dip our fries into the rich tomato ketchup.

johnny rockets 009

Aside from the burger, we ordered a plate of Onion Rings (Php. 185). I love onion rings and Johnny Rockets did not disappoint. I love how thin and crisp the rings were and it came with a saucer of tangy creamy dip that was oh-so-good! Yum! Will definitely go back and have this again and again and again.

While enjoying our meal, we were entertained with happy American diner music and once in a while, the entire staff and crew of Johnny Rockets will just break into a dance. What a fun place to be!

I may find the burger a bit too steep for my snack time budget and even Paul might even think twice on ordering his own burger but I will definitely go back for the onion rings, the fun crowd and perhaps will try out more menu items in the future.

Johnny Rockets is located at Level 2, Veranda, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA corner Ortigas avenue, Quezon City.

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