Second Chances at My Thai Kitchen

A year ago, Paul and I tried My Thai Kitchen when it opened a branch along Wilson street. My experience was ok but simply not memorable at all. I guess we chose the wrong dishes or the taste was just not at par with our expectations, needless to say, we never went back since then.

However, I do believe in second chances.

my thai by frannywanny

A year after, with raves given by my sister and friends, we decided to give My Thai Kitchen another try. This time we were careful, taking into consideration recommendations given by the server, we were hopeful that our second visit would be a charm.

spring rolls

One thing I like about My Thai Kitchen is its attractive menu. With well-photographed dishes, it can easily convince diners to order more. We began with Fried Spring Rolls (Php. 155) for starters. I love the glass noodles and minced meat added inside and the sauce perfectly complemented the crunchy rolls. This can be enjoyed as a starter or together with a cup of Thai Jasmine Rice.

bagoong rice

Just like our first visit, we ordered the Thai Bagoong Rice (Php. 230) which was the only one that I really liked back then. Thankfully, they have maintained the quality of this dish keeping the bagoong rice and pork very flavorful. Wish they have added more green mangoes and scrambled egg though. Nonetheless, we once again gave this our two thumbs up.

chicken satay

Our lunch was turning out to be pretty good with two dishes that has passed our expectations, I had high hopes for the third. Out came the Pork Satay (Php. 165), almost twenty minutes after the rice and the spring rolls. We noticed that the satay sauce was very oily and the pork was thinly sliced. We love pork satay and sadly, this one failed in comparison to the numerous satays that we have tried here and abroad. The sauce is the most important factor in keeping this meat skewer a winner but this one lacks in flavor and we really do not appreciate how oily it was.


For our sweet ending, we got the Coco Pandan Pudding (Php. 110) otherwise known as Ta-Ko. This is my favorite Thai dessert since I was a little girl. What I love about this dessert is the contrasting texture of smooth coconut milk with the translucent jello and bits of corn at the bottom of the banana leaf pocket. My Thai's version was pretty ok, nothing spectacular though.

Our second visit surely made up for the ho-hum first impression. I'm glad we gave My Thai Kitchen a second chance and had a pretty good lunch date that day.

My Thai Kitchen is located along Wilson street (beside Pho Hoa and Jack's Loft, in front of Alex III), San Juan City, Metro Manila.


  1. hi Franny! how u doin? mythai kitchen is just.. not good. i mean, food is edible, but how they cook it is just weird. Maybe it's just me; i dont like fusion cuisine at all. went there with a friend, ordered red curry, chicken satay, spring rolls. not good. I'm sure you're familiar with thuk thai, they are now at rockwell business center beside the meralco compound at ortigas. not the best, but it's about the same price range of mythai, and quality is definitely better.

    i just hope i'm wrong with the other entrees on mythai's menu.

  2. hi jaku!! long time!! i guess my thai still has a long way to go to be given that seal of approval for being a good thai restaurant. food was pretty so-so, as you can see we had a lot of hits and misses. I'm still not giving up though..

    hey i've her of thuk thai, isnt this the one near ua&p before?

  3. it's not that they cook bad, i think mythai has the wrong recipes ><

    thuk thai yep that's the one, that's why i was assuming you already know about it :D i go out of my way to eat there, now that they've relocated.

    how come you never go online on ym or facebook anymore?

  4. I would choose Jatujak over MyThai Kitchen in a heartbeat. :)


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