Reunited with my Mexican Favorites at B&T

My dear friend Ei was back for a short vacation over the holidays and it was the perfect time to round up the gang for a simple reunion. Choosing the restaurant was made to be my assignment and not wanting to disappoint them I did my research and went for B&T Mexican Kitchen due to all the raves that I've been reading online.

As I entered the restaurant, a familiar face greeted me -- it was Philip! He used to run my favorite neighborhood Mexican stop in San Juan and I then found out that he has moved out and started his own Mexican restaurant just at the other side of San Juan along busy Ortigas Avenue. No wonder it has been some time since my sister and I has seen Philip in that restaurant whenever we stop by to get our nacho and salsa fix. I'm glad though that he decided to open his shop that's still within the neighborhood. Hooray for us!


B&T's menu is pretty extensive and with 6 hungry adults, I asked Philip to help us plan our dinner menu. Despite how extensive his menu was, it was pretty easy to navigate around it. It was broken down in steps which you just have to follow.

b&t tostada

Our first choice was the Tostada, a long time favorite of mine after having this at Otra Cosa*, a Mexican stall near my university, I think almost daily back then. When that store closed down, I sadly bid goodbye to my favorite Tostada as well. I'm glad that B&T has this and we got two orders which has three tostadas each. One order had Steak (Php. 320) as topping and the other had Barbacoa (Php. 320), slow-cooked beef, which was sooo fork-tender. We each got our own Tostada and took our first bite I got the one with the steak topping and I liked it! It's like eating a Mexican pizza with cheese oozing on top of the chopped veggies and meat. It's also best to drizzle a good amount of garlic sauce on top to make it even more flavorful.

Aside from the Tostada, Philip also recommends his Burrito. After all, his restaurant wouldn't be named B&T, which stands for Burrito and Tacos, if these two were not his specialties, would it? We got the Fish Burrito  (Php. 330) and the Chicken Burrito (Php. 300). This is to balance out our heavy meal. B&T's burrito is HUGE! We asked that this be sliced into three each and each one of us still got a generous cut.

b&t fish burrito

I love the Fish Burrito! Inside has strips of crispy fried fish fillet mixed with Mexican rice, beans, veggies and salsa! This is one thing I'll definitely order again on my next visit!

b&t nachos chili con carne

We knew that the night will be filled with lots of stories to be shared thus I also got the Chips and Chili con Carne (Php. 180) for everyone to munch on. I love the colorful corn tortilla chips and the chili was very meaty and cheesy just the way I like it.

The menu prices here at B&T are pretty reasonable given that the serving is good for 2-3 to share. While enjoying our meal, I notice that Philip and his staff were busy torching up some items and I made a mental note to ask him about it and try it out myself on my next visit.

I can't wait to go back to B&T and try more of Philip's specialties. This is not your ordinary Mexican food stop as it has a lot of interesting menu items such as the Mexican Burger, Guaca de Frito, Sweet Potato Fries with Salsa and the Strawberry Nachos. Sounds yummy!

Till next time, B&T!

*special thanks to JR and Carlee for helping me remember Otra Cosa

photo credit: Paul Ang

B&T Mexican Kitchen is located at 368 Sekai Center, Ortigas corner Madison street, Greenhills. Call them at 0917-8126218 / 975-1850.

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