Seek Tranquility at Neo Day Spa

Wednesday last week was a very busy day for me. I woke up at exactly 4AM, my heart and mind racing ready to face the day's series of activities. It began with a trip down to Roxas Boulevard for my US Visa Interview then off I went to work as I literally struggled to stay awake and alert. Lunch was short but sweet with half of the Club at Pedeli Gourmet Kitchen followed by a brief seminar back at the office. I finally asked to be allowed to go home early as my head was literally throbbing and my eyes were getting heavy by the minute. Little by little, I knew sleep is catching up and my awake state is fast crashing. I still have dinner to attend that day and a two hour nap would truly help.

On the way home, I decided to check out our neighborhood day spa to see if I can possibly get a short full body massage. That would surely put me on a relaxing that I truly needed that day.

ki neo day spa

Entering Neo Day Spa along Wilson street, I was warmly greeted by the receptionist who walked me through the different treatments available. I wanted it simple and chose the Swedish Aromatheraphy Massage (Php. 780). I was immediately led to my private room (luckily, no one was using the couple's room so I had it all to myself that day). I briefly showered and settled in for my message.

My massage therapist Aida entered and gave me a warm smile. I just told her that I want very light strokes. She nodded and told me to just lie down and relax. I really couldn't remember what happened next as I was quickly transported to la-la-land. Unlike other massages that I've had, despite telling the therapist that I wanted it light and soft, I would end up wincing in pain with every deep hard strokes. I could hardly relax or sleep as I constantly have to remind the therapist to lessen the intensity. Still, I'd end up feeling like a butchered meat at the end of the 60 minute massage.

ki neo day spa

Not with Aida, I slept like a baby the entire 60 minutes. I just woke up to turn as she worked on my head down to the tips of my toes. It was very relaxing. I made the right choice also in choosing the Wood Aromatherapy Oil which was not very strong.

After 60 minutes, Aida gently woke me up to tell me our session was over. How I wish we can go on forever. I groggily thanked her and realized that my headache was gone.

While the spa is smaller than other day spas around the area, I liked it because its clean, the burning oil was light and it doesn't sting my eyes and the room was pretty spacious. I'm surely going back for more this time with my mom and sister for our regular bonding session.

Visit Ki by Neo Day Spa at 35 Wilson Street, Greenhills West in San Juan City. Call them at 584-6789 / 584-6066.

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