Grab a Slab at Chuck's Deli

Most of the time, I would bring lunch to work. This is mainly due to three reasons :
#1 I am very lazy to go down and look for food...
#2 It doesn't hurt to save a few bucks to give me more reason to splurge during the weekends and...
#3 I find bringing my own lunch to work healthier as my mom makes sure we eat well everyday.

Once in a while, I would request that I will just have a sandwich for lunch. It's when I want to cut back on my fat and calorie intake and when I know I have a busy day ahead.

The only problem I get though is that our new cook is no gourmet chef and her sandwiches pretty much consist of bread + filling. At times, I find myself very hungry and all I got was a piece of tasty with a thin slice of ham. No dressings, no greens, nothing. I almost wanted to cry out of hunger. Oh how I miss our old cook M, who would create superb sandwiches that would truly make my day. No matter how hard my mom would teach her to be more creative, we'd still end up getting sad looking sandwiches. *sigh*

One evening, Paul and I joined the Club for dinner at Chuck's Deli. This is not your usual deli that's filled with sausages, frozen meats and wine. Here, you can just unwind and enjoy a huge slab of your preferred deli sandwich. Since there were 11 of us that evening, we were able to try a whole lot! Muchos gracias also to Chuck Deli's very own Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara who was game enough to let us try her best-sellers.

Let me share with you four of the most amazing sandwiches that I've tasted that evening:

chuck's deli philly cheesesteak

First off was the Philly Cheese Steak (Php. 295) -- whenever given a choice whether to have meat or seafood, I would immediately choose the latter. Thus, it takes a really good piece of tender meat to make me fall in love with it. One bite into the Philly Cheese Steak and I appreciated the tender strips of beef topped with oozing American cheese, onions, mushrooms and bell pepper. This is a manly man's type of sandwich and one look at my husband proved just my point. He was completely in a trance, while sipping his soda, he happily chomped on his sandwich.

What I love was the potato chips (Php. 75). Alone I think I can finish off two full bowls of Chuck Deli's homemade chips. I even asked Katrina if she sells them in a bag which sadly she don't. It's so good most especially when dipped into their garlic sauce.

chuck's deli shepherd

Next was The Shepherd (Php. 355). Upon hearing that it has lamb sausage, I didn't pass up the chance to try this. I love lamb but I can be pretty particular especially with the odor that some lamb can give. No need to worry about that in this sandwich as no smell was detected and I love the simplicity of this sandwich wherein the sausage came on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber slices and drizzled with Chuck Deli's homemade garlic sauce, nothing can get more simple than this.

From the subwiches, there are two particular slabwiches that I love. You see, Chuck's Deli bakes their own bread so expect to enjoy warm soft bread in every order.

chuck's deli california waki

While subwiches uses hoagie, the flatwiches comes in herbed focaccia bread, while the slabwiches are served in my favorite bread type of all -- Ciabatta. We started off with the California Waki (Php. 225/445) which was my favorite for that evening. I enjoyed the generous serving of kani sticks with mangoes, boiled egg slices, lettuce and wasabi mayo. I'm not sure but it seems like they have also added something crunchy inside which felt like corn flakes or potato chips. It gave this slabwich a whole new character. I'm definitely going back to enjoy my own half slab of California Waki with tons of Potato Chips!

chuck's deli faking duck

Another slabwich worth trying was the Faking Duck (Php. 185 / 335) I told Katrina that I find the names of her sandwiches very cleverly thought of. I shows the effort that they put in every single menu item from the creation of the sandwich down to the name. The Faking Duck is peking-duck inspired sandwich with melt-in-your-mouth roast pork, lettuce, leeks, crispy noodles and hoisin sauce. I love the very tender meat and how it reminds me of our very own cuapao that makes use of hong ma (which is slow-cooked pork) slices with leeks and hoisin sauce too.

To open a purely sandwich-only restaurant in a rice-eating country and still get a full house almost every night, I guess Filipinos have grown to be more flexible when it comes to adding more variety to their dinner options other than rice with a lot of viands. Thus, more and more patrons are ready to head to Chuck's Deli for a slab of good ol' sandwich. Like yours truly for instance. :)

I can't wait to go back to Chuck's Deli and try their other specialties such as The Buffy, Reuben and Off the Hook!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Chuck's Deli is located at Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City. Call them at 576-4210.

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